DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll available from from just £35. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll review

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Meet DesignaFriend Melody: Music-Loving Doll Extraordinaire

Meet DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll, a showstopper in the world of play and imagination. This musical virtuoso has created a stir among doll enthusiasts and is the latest hit on

Fashion-Forward Style and Musical Flair

Melody boasts an outfit that reflects her innate love for music and fashion. Her ensemble includes:

  • A pink tee, radiating vibrancy and fun.
  • A silver bomber jacket with embroidered musical motifs and eye-catching 3D pom poms.
  • A regal purple tutu sprinkled with stars for that extra sparkle on stage.
  • Chic silver trainers with satin laces and a pom pom headband complementing her style.

Her overall attire isn’t just fabulous; it’s a testament to her unique personality and musical prowess.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Melody isn’t all about looks; she’s designed to foster companionship. Standing at 18 inches/46cm tall, she is the perfect size for playdates, tea parties, and concerts.

Melody’s brown eyes close when she’s put to bed after an exciting performance, and she’s equipped with a soft huggable body. Her limbs possess the remarkable ability to pose in lifelike positions, making her concerts all the more realistic.

The Ultimate Accessory: DesignaFriend Charm Bracelet

Every Melody doll comes with a silver DesignaFriend charm bracelet, elegantly designed to be worn by her owner. As children collect additional outfits for Melody, they can look forward to unique charms to add to their bracelet, marking each fashion milestone.

Unboxing the Musical Sensation

Melody arrives in a boutique-style gift box, complete with DesignaFriend wrapping paper. Her packaging isn’t just chic; it’s environmentally friendly too with FSE certified card materials, 100% plastic-free, and entirely recyclable. Even her polyester filling bears an eco-conscious touch, using four recycled plastic bottles to create her cuddly form.

Doll Specs Fit for the Stars

Here’s a quick rendezvous with Melody’s profile:

  • Height: 18 inches/ 46cm
  • Price: £35
  • Recommended Age: For ages 3 years and over
  • Brand: DesignaFriend
  • Category: Dolls
  • Safety: Complies with manufacturer’s guarantee and includes necessary warnings for safe play

Caring for Your Musical Buddy

While Melody is robust and ready for the limelight, it’s recommended she be played with under adult supervision, especially for children under 3 years old. This ensures both safety and that her star-quality remains intact.

FAQs About DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll

Is Melody suitable for children under 3 years old?

No, Melody is recommended for children aged 3 and over due to small parts and safety concerns.

Can I purchase additional outfits for Melody?

Absolutely! There are a variety of on-trend, fashion-quality outfits available for purchase from DesignaFriend, each coming with a unique charm for your bracelet.

Is Melody’s packaging recyclable?

Yes, her gift box and wrapping paper are completely recyclable, making her a eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious parents and children.

Does Melody’s price include accessories?

The price of £35 includes Melody with her complete outfit and charm bracelet. Additional accessories and outfits may be purchased separately.

Can Melody be posed for play?

Yes, Melody’s limbs can be posed, allowing her to partake in a variety of lifelike actions, befitting her musical performances.

Why Melody is the Talk of the Town

The DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll is an enigma wrapped in a tutu. With her trendy apparel and enchanting charm bracelet, she’s become the darling of the toy world. She doesn’t just inspire play; she invites children into her melodious universe and allows them to dream big.

Her well-crafted design balances beauty with playability, and the charm bracelet initiative adds an interactive layer of collection and personalisation. Plus, her environmentally friendly packaging ensures that while kids play today, they are also learning to protect their tomorrows.

Concluding Melody’s Musical Tour

With the sheer size and captivating features, DesignaFriend Melody Music Doll strikes the perfect note for any aspiring musician or fashionista. Her price tag of £35 mirrors the quality and care put into creating her.

Playing with Melody isn’t just a pastime; it’s an expression of creativity. Whether on stage or in the playroom, Melody is sure to bring hours of imaginative play and musical joy to any child’s life.

With her headband in place and her charm bracelet jingling, Melody is more than just a doll – she’s a friend with a beat, and she’s waiting to share the spotlight with her new best friend.

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