Sindy Horse Rider Playset Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the Sindy Horse Rider Playset available from from just £40. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
Sindy Horse Rider Playset review

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Welcome to the Equestrian World with Sindy Horse Rider Playset

Are you on the hunt for the perfect present for the young equestrian enthusiast in your life? Look no further than the Sindy Horse Rider Playset, a delightful ensemble that guarantees to capture the hearts of children who dream of galloping through the countryside. Stocked at, this playset is a gem amidst the Dolls category and is designed to bring the joy of horse riding into your home.

Unbox the Adventure with Riding Club Sindy

The Riding Club Sindy playset is not just a toy; it is an experience. The set includes a beautifully crafted Sindy doll, complete with a pony for her to ride. Dressed in a charming blue tee, gilet, and grey jodhpurs, topped with blue riding boots, Sindy is the quintessence of a horse riding aficionado. Complimenting her attire is a blue riding hat, ensuring style and safety go hand in hand.

But the magic doesn’t stop with the doll and her attire; the playset’s packaging transforms into your very own Sindy stable. The crafting card inserts allow children to create jumps and craft fences, turning the box into an interactive playground for showjumping and care routines.

Superb Play Value with a Touch of Creativity

Sindy Horse Rider Playset brings a whole new dimension of play, where children can groom the pony with the included blue brush ensuring its mane always looks splendid. Couple that with the pony’s reins, bridle, and saddle, and you have a complete set that promotes not only imaginative play but also hand-eye coordination and creativity.

What’s more, the set includes a small Sindy-sized magazine filled with fun puzzles and games, perfect for those rainy days indoors or as a delightful pastime after a session of horse riding play.

Fostering Arts and Crafts

Recognising the importance of arts and crafts in child development, the Sindy Horse Rider Playset champions creativity. With crafting card inserts that empower kids to construct their equestrian course, Sindy promotes a joyous blend of play and artistic expression.

Important Information and Specifications

  • Height: Sindy stands at 12 inches/28cm, just the right size for little hands to manage.
  • Ages: Suitable for children aged 3 years and over, this set will be a hit with preschoolers.
  • Safety: The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee but remember, it’s not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.
  • WARNING(S): This toy should only be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • EAN: 4897055944122, confirming its identity in the sea of toys.
  • Price: Retailing for £40, it’s an investment in endless joyful play.
  • Full Category: The playset is under Toys > Dolls and doll accessories > Dolls at

What Sets Sindy Apart?

Unlike other dolls, Sindy is not just about dress-up and beauty. She represents a hobby, a passion, and perhaps even a future career for many young riders. The playset’s encouragement of outdoor adventures and the introduction of stable management responsibilities teaches children about hard work and dedication towards caring for animals.

FAQs about the Sindy Horse Rider Playset

Is the Sindy Horse Rider Playset suitable for my three-year-old?

Yes, this delightful playset is perfect for children three years and up, providing they are supervised by an adult during playtime. It’s an excellent way for young children to develop a love for riding and caring for animals.

How durable is the Sindy Horse Rider Playset?

With a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee and constructed from quality materials, you can rest assured that the playset is sturdy and built to last.

Does the set really promote creativity?

Absolutely! From constructing your own jumps to piecing together a paddock, the Sindy playset is a testament to nurturing a child’s creativity and ingenuity.

Can you purchase additional accessories for the playset?

Whilst the playset comes with a number of accessories, you may also find additional Sindy items and outfits available to further enhance play. Always check with your retailer for compatibility.

Is it easy to convert the box into a stable?

Yes, with crafted card inserts, children and parents alike will find it straightforward to turn the packaging into a stable, ensuring the playset is environmentally friendly by reusing the box for extended play value.


The Sindy Horse Rider Playset offers so much more than just a doll and a pony. It’s a portal to endless adventures, fostering creativity, responsibility, and a love for equestrian life. The price point is reasonable for the entertainment and educational value it provides. Let your child trot into a world of imagination with Sindy and her pony — it’s time to saddle up for some fun!

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